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저희가 찾을수 있는 최고의 E Sports And 팟캐스트 (업데이트 8월 2020)
저희가 찾을수 있는 최고의 E Sports And 팟캐스트
업데이트 8월 2020
플레이어 FM 수백만 명의 사용자와 함께 오프라인 일 때도 언제든지 뉴스와 새소식을 들을 수 있습니다. 타협을 거부하는 무료 팟캐스트 앱으로 팟캐스트를 더욱 스마트하게 즐기세요!
세계 최고의 팟캐스트 앱에 가입하면 좋아하는 프로그램을 온라인으로 관리하고 Android 및 iOS 앱에서 오프라인으로 재생할 수 있습니다. 쉽게 무료료 이용하세요!
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@OnEInTrOvErT and @ryankloss return to talk all things #NBA free agency and the massive contracts. Also touch on what the Chicago Bulls are or better yet are not doing as well as the Chicago Blackhawks. Turn Heel and talk a little #WWE as we impatiently wait for the draft and better times ahead maybe. Your browser does not support the audio element…
It's a beautiful week in Chicagoland and so drops a new @JR_LastStand which is actually brought to you by the good people @PowerPelletPodc , give them a listen!! @OnEInTrOvErT prepares for #Disney and @ryankloss has a bone to pick with @PowerPelletPodc over the quality of streaming video versus watching on disc. Then it’s time to Turn Heel and disc…
After implementation many quality checks @JR_LastStand is back for perhaps the last time this week as @OnEInTrOvErT and @ryankloss talk #Chicago sports radio, #WhiteSox and #Cubs , #Bears OTAs #NFL and of course it wouldn't be a podcast without going back to their Turning Heel roots to talk about #WWE and the #BrandSplit of #Raw and #Smackdown ! Yo…
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