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A combination of science fiction audiobook and podcast about the challenges of ADHD in modern society with ancient social norms expressed in a spiritual science fiction dream way. This podcast was formerly called 'Astralpodden' for Sweden but have been changed to an international english podcast. I "Astralpodden" berättar Alexander Forselius om sina drömresor han gör på nätterna och livsfilosofi kring qi och kvantfysik ackompanjerad av bakgrundsmusik han själv skrivit under aliaset "Dr. Sounds"
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This episode is about a dream emerged from the fact knowing Moderates want to fast track ADHD diagnoses in areas with high crime rates, which raised lot of critics about pointing out ADHD people as prone to criminal. This story is a bit surreal and not completely in order, because it is based on the author's dreams. Synopsis: Refusing to attend an …
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