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In the podcast series at the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (JMCoE) at the University of Agder in Norway we delve into topics related to an increasingly differentiated Europe in a Post-Brexit world. In a coffee table-style discussion, we bring together leading academic researchers and practitioners to uncover topics for our listeners. The podcast episodes are aimed at an audience who has an interest in the dynamics of the European Union and wants to learn more about the inner workings of t ...


Christiane Link

Brexitland ist der Podcast von Christiane Link und Charlotte Spencer-Smith - einer Deutschen in London und einer Britin in Wien. Wir versuchen der deutschsprachigen Welt den Brexit zu erklären, unterhalten uns darüber, wie das alles passieren konnte und kommentieren die britische und europäische Politik während der Austrittsverhandlungen und was wir sonst noch für kommentierenswert halten.
We want to offer you some much needed clarity on Brexit by bringing in the most straight-talking experts from all fields, as well as normal people from all walks of life and from both sides of the issue, to document a snapshot of public opinion about this generation-defining issue.
Paddy Wants To Know Brexit, is a podcast that seeks to explain Brexit to an Irish audience. Each episode will try and explain what's been happening in the preceding few weeks in the messy world of Brexit negotiations and explain how it will affect Ireland. The hosts, Brian Mahon, Jack Good and Niamh Mahon will then interview someone who has something to say on Brexit, it could be anyone from an academic to a farmer, or even someone who thinks Brexit is a good idea.
Welcome to Mayer Brown’s Brexit Snapshot podcast series. This series provides insight on the latest legal issues related to the United Kingdom’s new post-Brexit relationship with the European Union, and keeps you up to date on changes to the legislative framework.
Christian Spence, Alex Davis and Jonathan Beardmore guide you through the events in Brexit. Brexit is the biggest political event in a generation, but the sheer amount of information can make it hard to keep up. Each week we will seek to ease you through a story which will be with us for years to come, discussing the past, present, and future of Brexit Britain. Join us, three interlopers into the brave new world, as well as experts and business leaders, as we seek to cut through the noise an ...
We delve into the nitty gritty of Brexit and try to make some sort of sense of it, bringing you episodes as and when you need them. We’ll be hearing from Britons and Europeans, leavers and remainers, politicians and ordinary people, economists, businessmen, lawyers, researchers, campaigners and many more about what Brexit means for them, for the UK and for the EU, how it might work – and how it might not. It's a podcast that can’t get enough of experts ... and we want to hear from you too
Alice In Brexitland by Leavis Carroll read by Julian-Rhind Tutt. Check out the new Alice In Brexitland podcast taken from the bestselling book. A perfect bedtime story or perhaps a nightmare you may never wake up from! Lying on a riverbank on a lazy summer’s afternoon – 23rd June 2016, to be precise – Alice spots a flustered-looking white rabbit called Dave calling for a referendum. Following him down a rabbit-hole, she emerges into a strange new land, where up is down, black is white, exper ...
Welcome to Brexit: The Final Countdown, your weekly discussion, debate and analysis on Brexit brought to you by the Express. With a lineup of impressive guests each week, Brexit: The Final Countdown seeks to be your trusty companion as we negotiate the deal, the Cabinet, the Government, Parliament, Europe and almost everything else as the deadline approaches. Always informative and mostly funny, join us as we countdown to March and beyond.
When you think about Brits Abroad, you probably have some clear ideas about who they are. Pensioners soaking up the sun in Spain is probably top of that list. What if I told you that 79% of the British population living in the EU-27 are of working age and below? Or that Britain has one of the highest emigration rates in the world? This is a podcast all about what Brexit means to and for British citizens living in the EU27. Hosted by Dr Michaela Benson, it focuses on Brexit as it takes place ...
From the team behind the No 1 Hit podcast, Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder, comes another inside story of a crime - in this case the hacking, data misuse, illegal financing and potential interference in the EU referendum. Orwell Prize winning journalist Carole Cadwalladr lays out the evidence with Peter Jukes and asks: why hasn't the UK got a proper investigation into wrongdoing See for privacy and opt-out information.
A surprising and thought-provoking journey across the UK, recorded in the wake of Article 50. The shock, delight and polarisation of the EU referendum revealed the extent of the divisions within the UK. 9 months later we took the triggering of Article 50 as an opportunity. As the UK formally began the process of leaving the European Union, we set out on a listening journey through the four countries of the UK. We wanted to go beyond the stereotypes and headlines that seemed to be making dial ...
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In this episode, we will turn our attention towards the Baltic Sea and the transnational cooperation within the region. Throughout history, the Baltic Sea has served as a naval border between rising and falling regional powers. While this region has served a theatre of conflict, it has also in more peaceful times brought prosperity and promoted dem… - Foreign secretary Liz Truss wants to amend UK law to unilaterally rewrite the Brexit settlement it signed with the EU. Tweeted by @UEAResearch저자 Radio Free UK - BWIP: In the period through the Lancaster House and Mansion House speeches, and in the Article 50 letter, when Theresa May made various commitments on Northern Ireland, what sort of engagement were y… Tweeted by @UKandEU저자 Radio Free UK - Keir Starmer’s political career shows him to be an opportunist with a sycophantic attitude toward those in power. Since becoming Labour leader, his main priority has been to expunge left-wing ideas a… Tweeted by @BrilliantBenN… - Beyond the glossy world of celebrity trials, the wheels of justice have virtually ground to a halt, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff Tweeted by @SnookMalcolm저자 Radio Free UK - US House speaker Nancy Pelosi has said it is “deeply concerning” the UK Government is seeking to “unilaterally discard the Northern Ireland Protocol”, Tweeted by @CityAM저자 Radio Free UK - President Emmanuel Macron scored a decisive victory over his Right-wing challenger Marine Le Pen last week, polling 58.5 per cent Tweeted by @orfonline저자 Radio Free UK - No Horizon funding will go to British researchers until the Northern Ireland protocol row is fixed as Brexit row rolls on. Tweeted by @therightarticle저자 Radio Free UK - The UK’s legislative agenda for the next year includes a data reform bill that could cast doubts on the future of the EU’s data adequacy ruling, the decision that continued to facilitate data transfe… Tweeted by @iubenda저자 Radio Free UK - As the UK inches towards EU trade war our automated declaration platform and customs experts are well positioned to react swiftly to changes Tweeted by @MetroShipping저자 Radio Free UK - Nine-strong delegation led by close Biden ally will also visit Brussels and Dublin in significant intervention on division over Brexit protocol Tweeted by @motionfinitycom저자 Radio Free UK - Forex market analysis of GBPUSD assessing the impact of the UK making changes to its EU trade agreements as well as inflation and BOE monetary policy. Tweeted by @FlowBank_SA저자 Radio Free UK - An e-cigarette could soon become a medical device in England under new proposals to make the country smoke-free by the end of the decade. Tweeted by @HolmalahtiJussi저자 Radio Free UK - ‘Action calls for reaction’ EU ambassador warns UK over Brexit protocol row Boris Johnson’s threats to rewrite part of the Brexit deal he signed would result in retaliation from Brussels, the Europea… Tweeted by @radionewshub… - Northern Ireland was never going to be easy. From the genesis of talks about the border in 2017, through to the “backstop to the backstop” agreed by Tweeted by @CityAM저자 Radio Free UK - European Union member states are gearing up to consider suspending the bloc’s trade agreement with the UK if London takes concrete action to override parts of the Brexit deal, according to officials. Tweeted by @MHiesboeck저자 Radio Free UK - Jacob Rees-Mogg has said that plans to cut more than 90,000 civil service jobs in order to free up billions of pounds for measures to ease the cost-of-living crisis does not amount to the return of a… Tweeted by @SarahSt66626807… - Paul Hastings is a leading international law firm that provides innovative legal solutions to many of the world's top financial institutions and Fortune Global 500 companies. Tweeted by @AxelTroike저자 Radio Free UK - 'AT least govern- ments led by Margaret That- cher” are words I never dreamed I'd find myself writing, but here goes. At least governments led by Margaret Thatcher had ministers of a certain stature … Tweeted by @DevlinMartina저자 Radio Free UK - The transport secretary told Joel Hills that P&O can’t carry on the way it is operating, as he urged it to employ people 'at the proper rate for the job'. | ITV National News Tweeted by @ronbuch저자 Radio Free UK - Nancy Pelosi said the US congress will not support a free trade deal if planned changes to Northern Ireland protocol go ahead Tweeted by @HalseyJane저자 Radio Free UK
Forming a NI Executive is blocked by a DUP boycott over the Protocol, Dublin says there is no UK partner to make progress & the EU says Maroš Šefcovic's negotiating mandate is not going the change. So what's changed in Brexit-land? RTÉ Europe Editor Tony Connelly & Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin review what changed over the Spring.…
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