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In the Breaker And Bayn Network Finale, Pop Culture Pandemonium is back for the last time! We can't see any better way to finish this off than with 2 members of Street Fighter (sort of) going head to head! Bayn drafted RYU, and Breaker drafted Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile! Who wins? you voted! Now find out one last time!!…
As we are nearing the end of The Podcast Night Wars, WWE is pulling out some of their heavy hitters. Even though they have lost the war to WCW, Shawn Michaels has been drafted to take on Dustin Rhodes in attempt to close the gap a bit.저자 BBN
Pop Culture Pandemonium is BACK and this week we see Bayn drafting a side kick to an evil villain who's been trying to take down an emperor! While Breaker has drafted a lovable buffoon who doesn't have much luck but seems to pull through in the end. We've got Kronk Vs. Joe Dirt! And who wins? You voted! Now find out!…
Scrooge McDuck dives into money every single day, Lloyd Christmas fell into money when he dropped the love of his life at the airport and then followed her to Aspen. Relevant to the fight? No! But that's a really nice ski mask! It's Lloyd Christmas vs Scrooge McDuck!저자 BBN
This could be, hands down, THE MOST ridiculous show in the world of podcasts. Brian Breaker and Bayn have done yet another draft, but this time with no limits! And in this weeks battle we see Bayn's pick Freakazoid! go one on one with Breaker's pick The Green Ranger! Who wins? You decide!저자 BBN
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