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I have finished almost all my life span, never getting over basic existential questions of purpose, meaning, ethics - what could "good" mean? I(We) chat with other common everyday people. The underline is on "common", we want to learn from the actors in the normal curve. Some pods are solo (usually short), some are long-form chats. In either journey, lets have a pleasant ride together. Write in at amitabh.mwrh@gmail.com Twitter @ManWalksRH Image by Yuval Zukerman Theme Music by Matt LeGroulX ...
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Our 4th chat in this longform series. This is with an urban philosopher, who goes by the name of Sachin. We talk of urban anonymity, solitude, repression in modern urban societies, the tyranny of work, the ambiguous workplaces (disconnect between values and reality).We might sound like a rant, but this is not about others at all - this is about our…
Karthik, my dear friend is an accomplished author & brand consultant. Why does story telling matter? Should one tell the story that sells or the story that is our own (sometimes these diverge)? Why commercial success in this business could matter? Also who discovered orwell and hemingway?저자 Karthik, amitabh
What a ball of a chat. We had absolute fun going over some of the esoteric aspects of music as a rabbit hole. This could be a 10 part series and well might as well be.Beethoven, Rick Allen (Def Leppard), Amy Winehouse, Doors and the whole 9 yards. Listen and do write in at amitabh.mwrh@gmail.com저자 Nilesh, Amitabh
We speak to Deepthi who is also an integral part of the podcast. She helps us understand the nature of her rabbit hole that is carnatic classic music - and any art in general.Hope you enjoy it.Do write into to us at amitabh.mwrh@gmail.com저자 amitabh, deepthi
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