Episode 5: S01 E05: VII Negation and Pluralization: Zinoonin sinoonin


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Episode 05 VII Negation and Pluralization: Zinoonin sinooninPluralizing negatives with VIIs is simple, do everything as we did to negate it, and then add in to the end.So Michaa (It is big) becomes Gaawiin Michaasinoonin (they are not big).Agoodemagad (It is hanging) becomes Gaawiin Agoodemagasinoonin (They are not hanging)Onizhishin (It is nice) becomes Gaawiin Onizhishinzinoonin (They are not nice)VIIs this episode:Refresher words:Gisinaa vii: It is coldAte vii: It is in a certain placeNoondaagwad vii it is heardGimiwan vii it is rainingAwanibiisaa vii It is SprinklingAgoode vii: It is hangingWaaseyaa: vii It is sunnyMichaa: vii It is big.Giizhiitaa: vii it is done, it is readyOnzhishin: vii it is niceWese’an: vii There is a tornadoNoodin: vii It is windyGashkawan: vii there is a thick fogBiinad: vii it is cleanNiiskaadad: vii there is bad weatherMinose: vii it goes well, it is good luckBaswewe: vii it echoesMinopogwad: vii it tastes goodGikendaagwad: vii it is knownExamples from the Text:Gaawiin minopogwasinoonin gitigaanensan. Vegetables don’t taste good.Gaawiin gikendaagwasinoonin iniw nagamonan imaa. Those songs are not know there.Quiz:Aaniin ekidong those are not big Ojibwemowin? Gaawiin Michaasinoonin Michaamagasinoonin Aaniin ekidong it is not nice Ojibwemowin? Gaawiin Onizhishinzinoon Aaniin ekidong gaawiin noodinzinoon Zhaganashiimowin? It is not windyAaniin ekidong it is not ready Ojibwemowin? Gaawiin giizhiitaasinoon. Gaawiin giizhiitaamagasinoon. Aaniin ekidong Your moccasins are not finished Ojibwemowin? Gaawiin giizhiitaasinoonin gimakizinan. Gaawiin Giizhiitaamagasinoonin gimakazinan.Aaniin ekidong they taste good Ojibwemowin? Minopogwadoon. If you want to get in touch with me feel free to email me at ojibwemodaapodcast@gmail.com Some Great Online Resources for Learning Minnesota Ojibwe:https://ojibwe.lib.umn.edu/ I highly recommend Wendy Makoons Genius’s Ojibwe classes at UW Eau Claire, which she makes available online to everyone:https://www.uwec.edu/academics/college-arts-sciences/departments-programs/languages/academic-offerings/online-ojibwe-language-program/ I’ll be reading from and referring back to the Oshkaabewis Native Journal Volume 4 No. 1. The article about VIIs begins on page 121. You can download a PDF here:https://www.bemidjistate.edu/airc/wp-content/uploads/sites/85/2016/03/onj-vol4-num1.pdf To attend the Language table: The White Earth Tribal and Community College Ojibwe Language Table meets every Tuesday and Thursday starting around 7 and ending between 8 and 9. Zoom Meeting ID: 945 8146 7003Password: 749886

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