Earth Grid Keepers, Crop Circles, 5D+ Humans & Star MAGIC Healing w/Jerry Sargeant


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Welcome to another podcast episode of Merkaba Chakras. I’m your host, Von Galt. Today, we explore my favorite Buddhist topic of connecting directly to Christ light consciousness for infinite energy healing from the universal being within all of us. We’re going to learn all about Star Magic Healing from intergalactic consciousness explorer and teacher, Jerry Sergeant. Jerry, welcome to Merkaba Chakras!

Watch the video interview here:

Scientists of the research institutes MESA+ and MIRA of the University of Twente in The Netherlands present image of living cells in micro pyramids:


Let's discuss your meditation in a 2017 Wiltshire, England crop circle and the golden pyramid that showed up in your video.

1. Before we dig into your work. Can you tell us your story of how you got into this work?

2. What is Star Magic Healing? Is it the source or the practitioner that’s does the healing?

3. How do you teach people to go beyond the holographic matrix and reprogram their physical reality to be of higher joy, truth, and love?

4. What are some of the realms and beings your students often encounter? What discernment & boundaries do you advise students regarding mischievous beings in these other realms?

5. Outside of the Earthly incarnation, many people are from other star systems and dimensions in their previous lifetime. How can people connect to their intergalactic heritage and pull that wisdom into this lifetime?

6. How do your students use energy healing to upgrade the biology of a sick group of people?

7. Will you be offering group tours and vacations? What are you working on that is new?

8. Do you have a last message for the builders of the 5th dimension Earth?

For more information about Star Magic Healing books, offerings, and courses, please visit Jerry’s website:

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