[EP 8] Is your brain on FIRE? Do you have brain fog, brain fatigue or unexplained neurological symptoms?


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In this episode, we have invited Dr. Hugh Wegwerth DC, a passionate doctor for functional medicine and functional neurology. Today, Dr. Hugh provides information on brain inflammation and different levels of neurological symptoms.

Brain Neuro Inflammation


Dr. Hugh states that trembling, tremors, or balance problems may be neurological symptoms of brain inflammation and are often missed in the conventional system. However, he affirms that having these symptoms are not signs of mental illness but should still be analyzed to start brain rehab.

Subtle Inflammation


He can diagnose neurological symptoms into three categories which are subtle, moderate, and severe.


Subtle brain inflammation may include weird pain symptoms such as pain in the elbow, ankle, and then to the back, or it sometimes can scatter all over the body. The science behind this activity is that the brain does not control receptors for pain. Dr. Hugh includes hazy thoughts, longer processing of information, and slow recall as subtle neuro inflammation signs.


A particular chemical, food, scent, or pollutants can be a trigger to brain inflammation. These changes are crucial in detecting whether a person has inflammation and a blood-brain barrier that needs fixing.

Moderate Inflammation


Dr. Hugh studied different materials and worked on different cases to learn more about brain inflammation. He is certain that depression, inability to concentrate for long periods and fatigue even after a long period of rest are signs of moderate brain inflammation, not fatigue.

Severe Inflammation


With severe neuroinflammation cases, signs of tremors, trembling, and involuntary muscle twitching are observed. Other symptoms are changes in personality and behavior, difficulty speaking, and in other cases, coma. Individuals must address Neuroinflammation immediately as it affects a person’s frontal lobe. With a damaged frontal lobe, a person may have difficulty reasoning and analyzing, affecting motor skills, and may have difficulty dealing with complex problems and analyzing emotions and expressions.



Dr. Hugh offers solutions by arranging a visit if a person suspects inflammation of the brain.

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