Midday Rest + Recovery - An Invitation to Daydream or Take a Nap


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SOULjourner, I'm inviting you to make a date with yourself—really! Put a reminder on your phone, an event in your calendar to decelerate each midday to daydream or take a nap (or get some fresh air) to reclaim custody back of your body before bedtime.

Did you know it takes up to thirty minutes for a cheetah to recover from a chase? The audacity of this midday meditation is to invite us to not suspend recovery from whatever it is we are pursuing or chasing today. We can take custody back all throughout the day and recover from the energy resources we have spent.

And so, I want you to repeat after me, and as you repeat after me, I want you to allow your body to respond however your body desires + needs to respond to align + abide in Love because we're not here to produce, primarily, we're here to image Love—producing, creating is a by-product of our birthright, and therefore, we don't have to work for it—we work + rest from that inheritance. And as you repeat after me, if your body desires to nap and you can, then do so.

If your body desires to wander off in an imagination that takes you to daydreaming—let it. Let your body do that—let her, I should say, her, not it. And so, listen to the temple that is inhabited by the Holy Spirit as you repeat after me.

I am beloved.

And I am worthy of rest + recovery.

I will no analyze whether or not I deserve it.

I am worthy. I am worthy.

I am human.

I am not a machine.

I don't work for the purpose of rest—I work from the place of rest.

I will hydrate myself internally with the Living Water.

And after I arise + reengage, I will hydrate myself with fresh water

for my cells

for my skin

for my organs within

for my joints, my bones

my mind, my brain

all of me

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