EP 39 | Oral D: How Bacteria in Our Mouth Effects the Whole Digestive System with Dr. Adam Miller


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This conversation is going to give you so much to chew on. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). We are talking about oral health today, and before you come at me asking what in the world this has to do with SIBO, I shall risk the spoiler by saying: a LOT.

Not only is our mouth the first stop in the digestive process, whose contents eventually make their way to the small intestine, but oral bacteria has been linked to a host of seemingly random conditions like Alzheimer’s and other diseases. This is thanks to a concept known as leaky mouth, where oral bacteria can translocate through our gums into the bloodstream. We will discuss this and so many other related issues like mouth breathing and jaw clenching, two issues that commonly overlap with IBS.

My guest today, Dr. Adam Miller, has a diverse and impressive background. He is an integrative physician and dentist, based in Wisconsin. In addition to many projects and accolades, he is leading a clinical trial on the mouth-gut-brain connection.

A quick taste of what we’ll cover:
  • The oral microbiome and what functions the bacteria there have, both good and bad
  • The relationship between imbalances in the gut and symptoms in the mouth
  • The blood-brain barrier and how oral bacteria translocate in the body, contributing to disease in far flung areas
  • Why issues like bruxism and mouth breathing might stem from changes in childhood behavior and development, and how they contribute to both oral and gut-related issues
  • The best holistic practices for oral hygiene – including a few genius mouth wash hacks
  • Why problematic bacteria in the mouth could be a precursor or risk factor to SIBO
  • The best way to treat imbalances in both areas at the same time
  • How to fix your mouth PH with an ingredient already in your kitchen
  • And so much more…
Resources, mentions and notes:

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We are also brought to you by Just follow this link.

Disclaimer: The information in this podcast does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, or treatment. The information discussed is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.

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