#35 Ran Segall (Full stack designer & creator, Prospero) - Love what you do, take massive action, and prosper.


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Episode #35: Ran Segall

We are super excited to have with us today the inspiring Ran Segall - a full stack designer, a creator, and a vlogger. Ran started out as a designer, working with startups to create great products & brands. For the past 5 years, his been freelancing with 3-5 clients at any given time, and also, he's been sharing his journey on his youtube channel called
Flux and has over 40,000 followers. He believes in constant learning and sharing knowledge, he was running the Nu-School - which was an online hub for people to learn freelancing and design, and later on, he built a product company called Prospero - a service for freelancers to create online proposals.
In this episode, Ran shared his amazing insights and knowledge on freelancing, value-based pricing, learning new skills, networking, putting yourself out there, achieving your goals and aiming higher.
This is the tenth episode of the third season of the Hacking UI podcast - 'Scaling a Career'.
In this season we have 10 amazing guests for you, who are leaders and influencers from a variety of different backgrounds. Design managers, development leaders, entrepreneurs and product geniuses that we admire, and we'll be sharing a new episode every Thursday.

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Key points from this episode:

  • Learn about Ran’s background as a designer and how he developed himself into freelancing, building his own brand, vlogging and running his own businesses and company. [00:04:00]
  • Learn about Prospero - his service for freelancers to create online proposals. [00:06:20]
  • Ran shares his interesting insights about doing what you love, learning skills that will make you more valuable, and how every project is contributing to your success. [00:09:10]
  • Find out why and how working with other people, networking, putting yourself out there to the world will help you to reach your true potential, and being successful in any career. [00:13:00]
  • Ran shares his process with freelancing and how he manages dealing with all of his projects. [00:17:00]
  • Learn about the 10x rule and how to push your goals higher and take massive action. [00:19:00]
  • Learn about freelancing, pricing and how to work with value-based pricing. [00:27:20]
  • Ran shares his methodology on talking with clients, startups and how to price according to the value that they get. [00:32:15]
  • Find out how to measure the success of your work with clients and how to understand what they really value. [00:35:20]
  • Get tips! for anyone who is just starting out in freelancing, and tips for designers who want to start vlogging. [00:40:20]
  • The lightning round - get inspiring tips & recommendations from Ran, for ambitious achievers. [00:44:10]

About The Hacking UI Podcast
The Hacking UI podcast is hosted by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner, a designer, and developer who are also both entrepreneurs, bloggers, productivity/time-hacking maniacs, and all around tech geeks.
We are thrilled to launch the third season of the Hacking UI podcast, where we hack our way through product design, development, and creative entrepreneurship.
Our first season, was called ‘Scaling a Design Team’, the Second season was called ‘Scaling a Side Project’ and we’ve decided to call this season - ‘Scaling a Career’.
In this season we have 10 amazing guests for you, who are leaders and influencers from a variety of different backgrounds. We have design managers, development leaders, entrepreneurs and product geniuses.

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